Broadcast Video Camera

NEXTGEN TV is the first major upgrade to broadcast television since the switch from analogue to digital more than a decade ago. Through the ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (A3SA), NEXTGEN TV offers a host of innovative new features, including 4K Ultra High Definition, multichannel streaming, in-depth audience engagement, and more, all using free, over-the-air broadcasts.


Eonti provides Digital Certificates for both internal testing and commercial applications from a production root. These certificates, provisioned at a high level of assurance, are available upon request to all participating members of the A3SA PKI.

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The Future is Here

The ATSC 3.0 NEXTGEN TV certificate provides device manufacturers and broadcasters the ability to communicate securely via over-the-air signals while  maintaining quality of service and content protection. This new security standard offers all of the control and customization of internet streaming, coupled with the convenience of broadcast TV.

As an integral partner of A3SA, Eonti provides expertise with IP and certificate-based verification methods to secure and protect NEXTGEN TV broadcast services. Eonti provides innovative best practices, ensuring that your data and networks receive the highest level of protection.