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Join an ecosystem that has the functionality you desire coupled with the security you require

Eonti partners with industry leading ecosystems around the world, providing digital certificates and PKI management services comprised of best practices. Instead of designing a trust infrastructure from the ground up, you can partner with an already thriving ecosystem knowing that you are receiving the highest level of security, by default and by design.

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is a global industry group working to promote interoperability for devices involved with the Internet of Things (IoT). Focused on safe and convenient interconnectivity across IoT devices, an OCF certificate ensures a high level of security on your devices and apps.

Pearl TV provides safe, fast communications via over-the-air signals. Ensure that your streaming services are safe from hacks and spoofs, while providing your customers with the same level of security all in one fell swoop.

AeroMACS, implemented by the WiMAX Forum, is a broadband technology  for airport communications. Gain access to this new initiative to ensure that flight and security related data is relayed quickly and without interception across the airport surface.