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Providing best practices across multiple industries

Every organization has unique security challenges. Instead of offering a “one size fits all” solution, Eonti works with you to determine your security needs and desired outcomes. We offer our expertise in many different areas including Infrastructure Policies and Procedures, Proof of Concept, IoT Security, and Broadband Industry Security.  

Knock, Knock, Who’s there?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made devices and networks increasingly connected to each other, and therefore more vulnerable to subversion. In order to safely protect and exchange your data on these interconnected platforms, a powerful system of security is necessary. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides the highest level of authentication, controlling who or what has access to your networks. Eonti utilizes tried and true methodology in your PKI, enabling seamless authentication between various devices and users on the IoT.


  • Collection and Exchange of Data

  • Authentication - The Key to Integrity of IoT Systems