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WiMAX Forum and Eonti securing airport communications through PKI

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AeroMACS is the broadband wireless technology based on the AeroMACS Specifications intended to support the transmission of safety and traffic control data for both fixed and mobile applications on the airport surface. To support secure communication between end-points, AeroMACS requires Digital Certificate based authentication across the AeroMACS Network.

Interested in AeroMACS?

For AeroMACS PKI Certificate information, please visit the WiMAX Forum webpage.

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Founded on more than 30 years of experience in a variety of industries, including Cable, Energy/Smart Grid, Aviation, and Transportation, Eonti provides cyber security consulting and trust management services to clients worldwide. Eonti's work in Aviation emphasizes both “ground to ground” and “ground to air” communications;  with a deep understanding of  ATA Spec 42 and ARINC 842. Eonti provides a measured approach to PKI that is secure for a network of any size, ensuring that a PKI continues to meet and exceed requirements for years to come.

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