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A Global Provider of Solutions and Services
 to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)


Eonti provides consulting, strategy, governance, technology, and life cycle operations management for Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs). In addition, Eonti offers cyber security consultations and solutions for various industries. Our security team has a proven record in providing:


  • Customized implementations of PKI

  • Digital credentials for cable devices worldwide

  • Life cycle management of the Smart Grid, mobile, and communications trust infrastructures

  • Prototyping trust infrastructure and other systems for customer testing and evaluation

  • Cost effective solutions to various other security issues

Eonti works across many industry sectors with one purpose: to deliver actionable and measurable results through customizable, scalable, and affordable trust.

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Eonti has extensive first-hand expertise in DOCSIS, PacketCable, OpenCable, and DPoE security requirements.


These specifications were developed by the CableLabs Security group, led by our founder and CEO, Oscar Marcia, who worked for CableLabs as VP of security for 15 years.


As a result of a strong certificate governance and management system, coupled with our professional guidance, the cable industry Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has grown into one of the largest and most successful PKIs in the world.


Our system has issued over 500 million certificates without needing to revoke a single certificate in the field.


Our Team

Oscar Marcia
Founder & CEO
Francis Rodriguez
Director of Engineering
Tara Gratz
Director of Operations
Anne Steiner
Head of Administration
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