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Eonti founder and CEO, Oscar Marcia, spent 15 years as CableLabs’ VP of Security, where he developed and managed various security specifications. Oscar and his team developed the cable industry’s trust infrastructure into a well-established and successful Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Eonti offers you this selfsame experience in managing the intricacies of DOCSIS, PacketCable, OpenCable, and DPoE security specifications.

Internet, Video, and Voice

Eonti can assist you with any aspect of your broadband industry

authentication needs, including BPI+, secure software download,

and certificate requesting accounts.



Security Training

Looking for a better understanding of your security specifications?

Eonti can provide you with a more comprehensive approach to the

fundamentals and advantages of your technology. Our

customizable training incorporates a broad overview of technology

architecture, device provisioning, implementation of security

requirements, and device certification. Prepare your company to

face its future security challenges with confidence.

DOCSIS, PacketCable, OpenCable and DPoE

Eonti has extensive first-hand expertise in DOCSIS, PacketCable, OpenCable, and DPoE security requirements. As a result of a strong governance and certificate management system, with our professional guidance, the cable industry PKI has grown into one of the largest successful PKIs in the world with over 500 million certificates issued without the need to revoke a single certificate in the field. Our intimate understanding of cable security ensures that your systems will receive the most excellent protection and management.

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